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Packaging design has the primary goal to attract customers’ attention. For this purpose, package designs can not simply inform the customers, but also provoke feelings and communicate emotions. An effective packaging looks attractive, impresses with its creativity and is just nice to have on the shelf. Take a look at some exquisite packaging designs that showcase the level of finesse that is required when wanting to make a difference:

Babees Honey


More often than not, it’s simplicity that turns a good design into a truly exceptional one. For instance, these honey jars are absolutely exquisite in their color choice and simplicity.

Fruity Juice Containers


Food always tastes better when it’s visually inviting, so why shouldn’t juice benefit the same treatment? These tiny juice containers are absolutely adorable since they look just like sweet, succulent slices of fruit.

Mini Oliva Olive Oil

packaging3Mini Oliva have accomplished a truly remarkable thing: they have successfully refuted the well-known saying that “size matters” with their mini olive-oil packages. Salads on-the-go are simply more appealing then accompanied by such a well-designed dressing.

Breakfast Package


Niklas Hessman may have taken the word “breakfast” somewhat literally. In so doing, he managed to design a simple oatmeal package that needs to be broken (and rather fast) in order to be consumed.

Festina Waterproof Watches

Nowadays, companies can’t only be ingenious: they have to be bold as well. So if you’re selling a product that was engineered for water (as Festina claims), why not show off its water-repelling capabilities? That’s precisely why the watch manufacturer decided to place its watches in water-filled bags.

Nike Air Kicks


Since we’re on the topic of elements and have already discussed water, let’s hop on over to Nike, a company that takes pride in kicks that make you feel as if you were walking on air. So they decided to package the product accordingly. With the use of this clever design encompassing air-filled plastic bags, Nike successfully conveys the idea of light and comfortable. Shipping is also that much safer.

Interactive Vodka Bottle


Niklas Hessman may have taken the word “breakfast” somewhat literally. In so doing, he managed to design a simple oatmeal package that needs to be broken (and rather fast) in order to be consumed.

Butterfly Tea Bags


Yena Lee is the designer responsible for this sublimely delicate packaging idea. The idea behind the concept is quite simple: great-tasting tea will always be on a consumer’s shopping list, yet for special occasions, having such a neatly-packaged product will always come in handy.

Nike Football Stadium Shoe Box


We have to admit that Nike simply deserves the reputation it currently has. This soccer supporter incorporated an unmatched love of the sport when it came up with the 2007 Cannes-Lion stadium shoe box design. Granted, there was only a limited number of shoe boxes that customers could purchase, but they encompassed everything from the stadium itself to the shouting fans.

Bloom Chips


Snacking is just one of those things that you simply don’t kid around with. That’s why Bloom Chips came up with a packaging solution that doubles as a chip bowl. The package simply fans out when the ring is removed.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of attractive packaging, one thing is clear: it’s a necessary evil. So why not make things fun with a creative concept that’s bound to cause joy?

Via: Inspirationfeed