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They say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Try selling that idea to someone from the packaging industry. With so many similar products out there, the need to get the consumer’s attention is a key factor in sales, and creative packaging designs can certainly help.

Did you know that the first recorded use of paper packaging dates back to 1035 in Cairo? Packaging has come a long way since then, and is now considered to be a multi-billion dollar industry.

Most of the packaging designs we see are boring square boxes with brand logos. But there are a few products out there with creative packaging designs that are bound to attract consumer’s attention.

For a packaging design to be considered good, it not only has to look fantastic, but the consumer should get the message the manufacturer wants to convey just by looking at the packaging.

It’s no easy feat, but here’s 10 innovation designs that get it right.

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Got a snack thief at work? Use these splotched zipper bags to ward him off. But you could risk someone throwing your lunch away, thinking the food has gone bad. Either way, this is a creative idea.


Bees Knees

This limited edition packaging comes from atpace, who created it for Klein Constantia Farm, who used them as gifts for consumers. The white box represents an artificial beehive. Did you notice that bee trying to get into the box? When you open it, out comes the jar of honey with a number of small diecut bees!



Fisherman Boots

These fisherman boots are so tough that piranhas and electric eels are nothing you have to worry about. Or at least that is whats it says on this packaging, designed by the folks at good.kz.


Paint Brush Packaging

This award-winning paint brush packaging design comes from Simon Laliberté. It comes with two brushes that double as facial hair.



Bzzz Armenian Honey

This wooden work of art takes the concept of a beehive, and transforms it into a very creative packaging for honey. The design was created by the creative minds for Bzzz Armenian Honey


Fast Food Packaging

This design drastically reduces the packaging resources needed by the fast food joint, and also makes it easier to carry the food. It comes from Seulbi Kim, a student of industrial design at Rhode Island School of Design. Here let me show you how it works:


Waterproof Watch

This is how people who are confident in their product advertise. Festina Profundo promises that this watch stays waterproof, and what better way to show that they mean business by packaging these bad boys in a bag filled with distilled water! Packaging design by Ralf Schröder.


Görtz 17 Shoelace Box

Does that shopping bag handle look like a shoelace to you? That’s because it is one. Image via fancy.



This four-pack juice box comes to us via slwshin of deviantart.com. It’s quite obvious what they are trying to sell. I can really see the appeal for this packaging design, but wonder if it will work well from a production point of view.

Fruit Juice Packaging

Naoto Fukasawa, a Japanese industrial designer, took a stab at creating some fruit juice packaging designs, and this is what he came up with. Images via toxel.



Landmine Awareness Ketchup

This landmine awareness campaign, conceived by Publicis Mojo, makes use of a ketchup sachet to drive home the message. What do you think of this?


Nike Stadium Shoe Box

A mini stadium in your shoe box, via pinterest.


Eat&Go Sandwiches

This is a plastic tube which can be easily folded down (like bending section of a drinking straw), so you can decrease its length as you munch down your sandwich. The design project was made possible by Olga Gambaryan, Diana Gibadulina, Alexander Kischenko and Andronik Poloz.


NYC Spaghetti

A uni project by Alex Creamer that shows us how a simple thing like spaghetti can have an interesting packaging.


Panasonic RP-HJE 130 Earbud

The two hook-shaped buds and the in-line remote form eighth notes. A simple but compelling packaging design from Panasonic, via fubiz.


Smoking Kills

This creative package for cigarettes aims to remind of the danger you put yourself in each time you reach for one. Designed by Reynolds and Reyner.