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In this post we present 16 Free Product Packaging Mockup PSD. These mockup psd files uses smart object feature which mean that you can easily replace current packaging design with your own just in minute!

Download these mockup psd files & use them to create an presenting for your packaging design. So here is the list of 16 Free Product Packaging Mockup PSD. We hope you enjoy this collection.

Fruita Dolça

Fruita Dolça is an organic juice inspired by the fruits that grow naturally in the region of Catalunya. This protect consisted of designing a bottle, and to create a brand name for a small, organic, and ecological juice company. A round bottle was designed to simulate the shape of the fruit, thus giving the impression of drinking the juice directly from the fruit.2Fruita-Dolça


Gü Perfume Prototype

This was a school project consistyng in prototyping a perfume bottle and presentation, the bran was also an invention. The solagan was: Be Gü, Be you. This was made in collaboration with Sergio Alvarez a great friend and a great designer. 3Gü-Perfume-Prototype


Perfume Bottle

This perfume design was for a project brief to create a new concept that promotes a global perfume.  The focus was to put emotion into the design. The function of the design is unique, as application of the travel size bottle is using a brush, which allows the user to interact with the process. 4Perfume-Bottle


Cologne Bottle & Packaging

Bottle and packaging design for an all-natural, eco-friendly, recycled cologne concept.

Final design in response to an assignment brief.5Cologne-Bottle-PackagingDownload

Cologne and Perfume Vessels

Ideating on a cologne and perfume bottle based on one adjective “Maturity” 6Cologne-and-Perfume-VesselsDownload

Romeo & Juliet – Perfume Pack

Romeo and Juliet is a perfume pack for him and for her.
Into the pack there are two identical flasks, only the colour are different: white (for her) and black (for him) of the caps. We can find a game of contrast into the packaging as well where there is a minimal lettering game.
The perfume is addressed to young lovers and it might be a present for an anniversary or for S. Valentine.
This was realized for a 3D Drawing university class through the software for the graphic Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and modeling Luxology Modo.

7Romeo-Juliet-Perfume-PackDownloadSLAV schnapps

Branding and Packaging for bottles of schapps from Poland, Czech republic and Slovakia, using traditional slavic patterns. 10SLAV-schnapps-CustomDownload

PURO Premium Water

Branding and Web Design for premium concept bottled water brand Puro. First place in the first Athens Designathon, a speed -2 day- design challenge. 11PURO-Premium-Water-SmallDownload

Kikkoman Rebranding

Kikkoman is the Japanese, worldwide known market leader in Asian seasoning products. I’ve reworked different products, giving them a brand new Design, trying to combine the new graphic elements, like the use of the Kanji and exploiting the old ones, like the use of the hexagon in the logo and the Kamon as additional element. I’ve reworked the Soy Table Dispenser, assigning this specific name, to make a recognizable definition of this product, mainly seen in restaurants. The peculiarity of this edition is the chopsticks holder on the bottle side and the wooden hexagonal box that contains the product. It’s not a case that all these brand new Packagings present a smooth and rounded shape that could distantly relate to feminine curves. One of the Kikkoman’s legend is that the soy sauce was brewed the first time by a woman, a progenitor of Mogi’s dynasty. 13Kikkoman-Rebranding-SmallDownload

Paseolus Chamisa

These are the design mockup drafts for packaging of Paseolus Chamisa Restaurant.14Paseolus-Chamisa-Packaging-Mockup-CustomDownload

Watermade Perfume

Inspired by california. With help of the fashion brand NEW YORKER, we did a 2 week- trip along the pacific coast of california, visited many world-famous design studios like BMW designworks, Frog design and many more. This project grew up out of the most important impressions during this trip.


Freebie Fridays #4 – Handmade Bottle Mockup

A photorealistic handmade bottle mockup. You can easily place patterns or text on the bottle via smart object and change bottle color using smart filters.



Mug PSD MockUp

Treat yourself to this free, pixel perfect mug PSD mock-up that comes with a photo-realistic environment fully mapped which will allow you to edit the interior and exterior of the mug and place your designs via smart objects. The background can also be changed without altering the lights and shadows of the scene. The credit for this elegant resource goes to Original Mockups. 2Mug-PSD-MockUp-Custom



Firewood – pieces of wood used for burning in furnaces, fireplaces  or a fire for having heat and light.
This definition of Firewood gives Wikipedia.
Vodka  the “Firewood” warms not only Your body, but Your soul too.
With just a few sips of the botle contents, You dont need to burn firewood.



FJ product

Often, when developing a product, you do not think about of what is going to happen to its packaging. I tried to create a product, the concept of which assumes its secondary use as a stand-alone object. The concept of fj offeers the packaging a second life as a toy.
FJ is a drink with a variety of tastes (lemon, apple, orange and others).



Free mockup bottle Home Care

Free mockup botte packaging for Home care products. 3Free-mockup-bottle-Home-Care-Custom