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Realistic Mockups are useful templates that apparel designers often use as a cost-effective way of testing a design before actually going into production.

This means that after you have designed your artwork you can convert your 2D design into a realistic 3D item very quickly.

Using one of the templates below, the process becomes even quicker as you can easily insert your own artwork using Photoshop Smart Objects and quickly edit the appearance to match your design.

T-Shirt, Polo & Hoodie Mockups

T-Shirt Mockups Pack (2000×1500px, PSD)

With these PSD template you can change the t-shirt color, edit the background, change the small manufacturer label and, of course, you can insert your own designs. There are three templates included in the package: Laid, folded and piled.



T-Shirt Mockups (3500×3000px, 300dpi, PSD)

In this mockup collection there are templates for both male and female t-shirt styles, and all you have to do is paste your design into the Smart-Object and you’re done. You can also edit the skin tone and hair color of the models.



Photorealistic Soccer Outfit Mockups (2000×2186px, PSD)

With this photo-realistic mockup kit you can design your own unique football kit (strips and shorts). The templates also come with displacement maps that give a wrinkly realistic feel to the mockup.



Realistic Polo Shirts Mockups (3000×3000px, PSD)

This very easy to edit polo shirt mockup kit supports unlimited colors and comes packaged with four fantastic effects: Holga, Sunny Day, Blueberry and Sahara.



Fashion Bundle (2500×2800px, PSD)

There are a total of six high-res PSD mockup templates in this package. That includes 2x t-shirt mockups, a folded shirt template, a hat template and both female and male model mockups.


Hoodie Mockups for Men (1300×700px, 300dpi, PSD)

This kit includes four hoodie mockups – front and back views, and with and without models – and, apparently the male model is also included.



Formal Wear Mockups

Suit Elements 2 Bundle (1920×2000px, PSD)

This high-resolution kit includes templates for both casual/formal shirts, cuff-links and tie clips. You can change the colors and you can insert own design using Smart Objects on any part of the material or buttons.



Shirt Pattern Design Mockup (2083×2482px, PSD)



Sneakers Mockups

All-Star Shoes Mockup (1260×870px, PSD)

With this kit you can quickly illustrate a sneaker mockup very easily You can add any background, choose the shoe color and you can, of course, insert your own pattern design.



Sneakers – Low and High – Mockups (2649×1619px, PSD)

Included in this template pack are six High Sneaker mockups and three Low Sneaker mockups. You can easily insert your own design using Smart Objects and displacement maps.


Hats & Caps Mockup Templates

Caps and Hats Mockups (2500×2500px, PSD)

This collection of mockups includes templates for Panama hats, Bucket hats, Bud Beanie, Skateboard, Strapback, Full Cap and Surf Cap.


Professional Cap Mockup (1700×1350px, PSD)


Snapback Cap Mockup (1534×1300px, PSD)


Classic Rimless Beanie Mock Up (1599×1500, PSD)


Kids & Babies Apparel Mockups

Kids Hoodie Mock Ups (1920×2240px, PSD)

This photo-relastic template pack for kids includes two hoodie styles – zipped and pullover – and also comes with a selection of ten patterns.


Kids T-Shirt Mock-Up (2500×3500px, 300dpi, PSD)

This collection includes five kids t-shirt templates, both girl and boy models, and also includes five unique illustrations to help get you started.


Baby Clothes Mock-Up (4000×4000px, 300dpi, PSD)


Baby Clothing for Winter Mockups (2000×2000px, PSD)

This collection of highly realistic baby suit mockups comes packaged with four different variations, and are all styled in their own layers so you can change any of the elements and also add your own designs or logos with ease.