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Nowadays, Powerpoint is one of the most useful tools to show audiences things that enhance what the speaker is saying. Moreover, it also illustrates the content of a speech by showing photos, graphs, charts, maps, etc., or highlighting certain text from a speech.
However, a boring powerpoint with the familiar template can distract the audiences’ attention and make them stressful. For this reason, please stop disturbing your audience with the boring slides containing full of words, let’s be a smart presenter. Our list of powerpoint templates is coming to master your presentation performance and make the audience focus on what you want to communicate.

1. Motagua – Multipurpose PowerPoint Template:

” Motagua” is the most favorite powerpoint template which is chosen by customers and most companies. It can be a perfect tool for both personal use and business report. The ” universal classiness” look can fit well for all presentation. Our template set includes over 600 unique and fresh slides on your own to create a praiseworthy presentation. Furthermore, it set is such a large source of graphics, stock photography and custom illustration which makes it stand out from all the rest. All the elements are fully editable without using photoshop.



2.Simplicity – Premium and Easy to Edit Template:

Coming with the simple appearance, this template can help the customers to understand clearly and catch up with the pace of your presentation. It enchants your audiences with its clean and elegant design. You also have the power to modify shapes, texts, and charts. By all of the above-mentioned factors, this powerpoint template can deliver dynamic and make your presentation easy-understanding and interesting. With all the passion, we want to give a hand in building and promoting your business.



3. Vinapo – Multipurpose Powerpoint Template:

Another beautiful and effective tool to showcase your work and create the super impressive impact on the audiences. This template set has many massive features which can help you take the lead. It contains 200 slides along with 24 version themes. Moreover, if you find any trouble in using, we provide the support from our team members for all times. One further advantage of this template is the abundance styles of infographic and diagram will make you different in every presentation. This template will not make you disappointed because of 3000 vector icons included. Why not present with the boring slides when you have the awesome one like this?



4. Eureka – Minimal PowerPoint Template:

Welcome to “Eureka” Template and hope you have a professional look for your coming presentation. This template appears in the clean design, a neat and nice arrangement to showcase your work. It can not only improve your presentation performance but also inspire your idea or innovation. We are sure that this powerpoint template gathers all the key factors to blow the audiences’ mind. Therefore, we should let the amazing features do the best job. It must be a one-in-millions chance to show off your presentation’s charisma and professionality.



5. Marketofy – Ultimate PowerPoint Template:

The first impression of this template must be the well-organised arrangement. It will make the audience think about the presenter’s meticulosity and attempt. With a great abundance of colorful and unique infographics and portfolios, this template is suitable for the multiple purposes and business fields. Over 200 slides along with various choices are coming to give you a chance to make the best impact on the audiences’ mind. Especially, with each style of the slide, we offer two versions in black and white. Do not hesitate to miss such a good deal to make better.



6. i9 Template System:

One of the most effective ways to win the business over your competitors is an amazing presentation to showcase your ability. We offer 13000 slides and 22 templates to meet your need and your customers’ requirement. Moreover, tons of custom infographics will be a helpful hand to deal with the complex figures and content. The dark and light version for this creative template is proven to work in the real-world presentation. All the objectives in this template are easily editable and resizable.



7. Startup X – Perfect Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template:

A pitch deck powerpoint is an effective way to provide your audience with a quick overview of your business plan. The important advantage of this is over 196000 with over 50 colors and 4000 vector icons. With the huge source of features, it is able to engage the people’s attention and emotion. Clean in every detail, modern and creativity in appearance  make the inspiring presentation raising the audiences’ interest. Furthermore, it is very easy and simple to edit into what you like.



8. Investor Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template:

If you are seeking the potential investors for your own business activities, our template will be the first choice to help you have an excellent presentation and persuade them. This is the one to showcase the ability and trustworthiness of your project or business activities. It is very easy to work with, time-saving and flexible. Every beautifully designed slide can make your information much more interesting. All the factors from the arrangement to the connection between slides and others is perfect to bring the investors sympathy.



9. Business Proposal PowerPoint Template:

Different from the template for seeking the capital, the business proposal powerpoint template is looking for the corporate relationship.  With the simple but effective design, this template can bring the unexpecting result for your business. Moreover, it also affirms your company’s level and builds the value of both companies. This set includes 6000 clean slides and customizable elements to illustrate for your presentation. Easy edit easy change and make it fit your brand and business proposal.



10.MNML Powerpoint:

We are proudly present the MNML powerpoint templates with the professionally designed slides will be a quick and cost-effective way to give your business a new look and feel. We offer more 150 fresh and unique slides with many useful elements for making the positive impression to your audiences. It enables you to have the right to change easily into what you think it is suitable. It can give a hand to create iconic, compelling brand-building products or business.




11.Concept Business – Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation Bundle:

Here is the template dedicated to the concept business. This template is very high-fashion but professional enough to express your dedication to the work. The perfect arrangement plus the close connection of the slides will never fail to turn your idea into the coming-true dream. The handy and professional slides, well- designed icons and vectors, black and light version of each design, all of these advantageous features create a magical way to present your work and make a long-term impact.



12. Marketing Plan – PowerPoint Presentation Template:

A marketing plan presentation must not be boring and ineffective and spoiled by the very uninteresting slides. Stop wasting your time in wondering how to have the good slide, use our template and see the differences instead. With this template, you simply add your text and swap out any images or graphics you don’t want. It is designed to be editable in any version of PowerPoint. We highly recommend this template for your upcoming marketing plan presentation. It will be the best and worthy decision.



13. Believe – Multipurpose PowerPoint Presentation Template:

We would like to introduce another excellent template which can suit any purposes from personal uses to business goals. This template is minimal, simple and modern. In this template, you can modify the shapes, texts, and charts. All the elements are very easy to customize. With the supporting help like this, you can focus more on honing your message and less on building a template framework.



14. Pitch Deck Powerpoint Template:

If you are looking a template can help you impress the investors at sight, we have the best-designed one to work with. It doesn’t need to be fancy or complex, but charming and professional. Your content will persuade your investors and our design makes the content more interesting. More 162 ready-to-use and unique slides can make your point and surprisingly bring the effects. With this flexible design, you can customize quickly and have the best illustration for your potential presentation.



15. Ava Powerpoint Template System:

Ava is a powerful and amazing powerpoint presentation template. It is called the revolution because of its high quality in design and arrangement. You can build whatever you like on the basis of this template for multiple purposes such as business, corporate, portfolio, agency, magazine, parallax, wedding, Christmas, medical, travel, construction, media agency, restaurant, blog or app showcase. Everything is possible with Ava. Let’s make your audience’s surprise and   persuadable by very easy editing infographic templates and awesome motions.



16. Verzus Minimal PowerPoint Template:

Building your presentation from scratch has never been so easy. With Verzus Minimal PowerPoint Template, now you can create a powerful and professional deck with a striking design in just a few minutes instead of hours (or even days). Supercharged with tons of elements, layouts, maps, infographics, charts editable in excel, vector icons, and many other great features. Moreover, we offer 200 unique sides including mock-up will be the effective help to solve the fear of having familiar slides from time to time.



17.Powerpoint Template Professional Pack:

Powerpoint Template Professional Pack is a collection of graphic, slides, diagram, template, etc. to build your own awesome presentation, we offer over 650 unique slides that you can use it for various purposes. All of the elements in this set is fully editable with some simple clicks. We will help you show off the professionality and your own ability. It’s time to impress your audience and grab their attention with this professional visual design.



18. Business Powerpoint Template:

A great business presentation not only needs a fantastic delivery but also need to use clear, engaging and beautiful slides. This template set features 50 unique slides with 7 different color schemes. It is fully editable so you can own a perfect and content presentation. In parallel, its excellent appearance raises the audiences’ interest in your business plan and report. Work faster and easier with this template pack.



19. One Food – Creative Powerpoint Template:

Another template, another field. This template can turn everything in the slide more aesthetic and creative. It can display the many delicious and fresh food and drink images. We usually show the background in all its glory to make a positive first impression as your audiences enter the room. Those layouts specify the fonts, colors, size and placement of your text and more. You have the power to modify those layouts in PowerPoint. With all the effective features, it will usually do exactly what you need or, at the very least, they’ll get you started right.



20. Desire PowerPoint Presentation:

Let’s do something new and different with our template powerpoint presentation. In this template, we want to place the stress in the creativity. We bring a breakthrough design, different but logical arrangement, and unique icons. It not only showcases your work but also affirms your identity. Elegant style and stunning fonts make this presentation of the beautiful. Moreover, over 100 art slides never let you down and make your work done.