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21 Helpful Packaging Box Mockup

Here is our 21 ambitious packaging box mockup for satisfying your demand.

“ The packaging has to sell the product today”. Packaging plays a pivotal role in the branding process and is one of the key factors to make the customers decide if they want to take your product home. Once the customers are satisfied with the quality of the products, they will demand the appearance. They want them more stylish, more attractive. Moreover, this appearance can help them improve their public status. For this reason, many companies take the packaging into consideration.

However, the process of making a good packaging for a product is not easy. It has many requirements such as color, shape, pattern,… Consequently, it consumes much time and money. Therefore, today, we proudly present you a better way to solve your problem. Our packaging  box mockups will help you visualize the real look and feel of a design on your merchandise.

1, Package Box Mockups Vol 1:

If you are looking for a package box design proper for any kinds of product, you definitely miss this one. With the creative and exquisite style, this mockup is the best for cosmetic products, electronic components, CD, kid toys, promotion gifts… In addition, you have the power to change the objects according to your needs. You can also apply any design with ease with your smart layer.


2, Package Box Mockup Vol 2:

The perfect combination of color and design can treat you to this clean mockup and use it to showcase your label or packaging style. With this mockup, we bring not only an amazing appearance for your product’s package but also a beautiful CD cover. You can use this mockup as the package boxes for many products such as toys, student project…


3, Package Box Mockup Vol 3 :

Another perfect package box mockup comes to satisfy your need. Using the bright color and elegant design, this style can make your products more outstanding in the market and motivate the customers to buy. Different from ” Package Box Mockup Vol 3″, this mockup is suitable for food and drink products.


4, Package Box Vol 5:

Back to the traditional track, we offer a standard packaging box for your products. By using this packaging mockup, your company can show off your brand’s prestige and image. Especially, this design totally suits for the products relating to technology. Your brand with this package box mockup will stand on a profession level compared with others.


5, Package Box Mockups Vol 6 :

This style of package box comes with a subtle texture and in square, vertical and landscape sizes and shapes. Especially, the most impressive feature of this mockup is the cute patterns relating to winter holidays such as Christmas trees, snowflakes, stripes… For this reason, it is the best package box for the coming Christmas season.  On the other hand, you can easily replace your own logo or label designs by using the smart object layer to highlight your brand’s recognition.


6, Package Box Mockup Vol 7:

Coming up with another style for package box, we consider this mockup as a superb way to showcase your brand whilst portraying its premium or high-value image. Along with a new design, ” Package Box Vol7″ also has a distinctive feature, it’s a foil stamping. The foil stamping can make your products or your packaging shine and create eye-catching results. This mockup is totally suitable for a variety of products such as jewelry, cosmetics, garment or fashion products …



7, Package Box Mockup Vol 8:

This mockup has an elegant appearance that appeals the customers to buy your products. With a harmonious combination of unique patterns and bright colors, this design will add value to your products. In addition, it helps you to showcase your creative work in a modern way. Why not choose this mockup and your task is just applying your design to this?



8, Package Box Mockup Vol 9:

Taking full advantage of foil stamping, we are continuing to uphold our strength to make you satisfied. Furthermore, in this mockup, we offer more than one foil stamping pattern for you to choose. When you own this design, you can change the color into your favorite one to meet your customers’ needs and your company’s brand. We are confident that our mockup will make your products look much superior and luxurious.



9, Package Box Mockup Vol 10:

If you are seeking for a lovely package box for the coming holiday season, this mockup is really what you need. This mockup owns all key factors to attract the customers’ sight, especially the little kids. They have the cute design, lovely drawings, and bright color. Moreover, on the surface of the box, we also have some loveable message and wish. This feature will make your customer smile when they buy or receive it.


10, Package Box Vol 11:

With an excellent tone value in this package box mockup, we are proud to claim that this design will make your products look like a million dollars. In addition, the foil stamping is the most special feature, it emphasizes the luxury and high fashion of your brand. Without a doubt, it would create a unique material that will effectively sell your products.


11, Package Box Mockup Vol 12 :

With this beautiful mockup, you can apply this design to any shapes for your product’s package box. In proportion to each box’s shape, we offer a different pattern to match perfectly with its design. We are sure that if you choose this mockup for your brand, you will reach a high-level public’s recognition.


12, Packaging Box Mockup 10:

Reflecting the sense of vintage, we are very pleased to introduce you another amazing packaging mockup. This design has the full ability to increase customer’s satisfaction, increase visibility and set your product apart from its competition. Moreover, this mockup enables you to apply your own design to this and have an ideal package box for your brand.


13, Packaging Box Mockup 11 :

In another shape, “ Packaging Mockup 11” comes with many helpful features and is extremely customizable. In parallel with it, the combination of the curves and color is also its strength. With this kind of design, this mockup is very suitable for some specific products such as pizza, snacks…


14, Packaging Box Mockup 27:

With this mockup, we present a smaller package box than before. It is tiny, handy and convenient. You can use it as a packaging for the little things such as rings, bracelet… In addition, the blue will bring the feeling of warm and cozy for your customers. You will be impressed on how this packaging can make your products turn out into a charming thing.

01_packaging-mockups-27Download15, Packaging Box Mockup 29:

Coming with the subtle drawing pattern, this mockup will satisfy any demanding customers.  We use the gray pattern on the white background with a view to bringing the customers both classical breath and modern energy. Combining two opposite factors together is our achievement in this design. You can this package box for various kinds of products and we assure that this appearance will make it more competitive in the market.



16, Packaging Mockup 33:

‘Packaging Mockup 33” will make you taken by its appearance at first. Maybe, in some opinions, it looks a little bit simple. Instead of this, let’s look at the other side of a coin, simplicity is really its feature and make it more bright. Moreover, for helping you to open this box easily, we make a special holder that can enable customers to pull it in or out in a fantastic way.


17, Packaging Mockup 34:

Coming back with the white color as a decisive role in this mockup, our design will make your mockup more fashionable. If our available pattern is not enough for you, you can do your own design with your favorite color. Indeed, our mockup will help to make your brand more valuable in this competitive market.


18, Packaging Box Mockup 39:

We offer you the opportunity to customize your products by square texture. In this mockup, we add some cute patterns as a special feature to make your product outstanding in the competitive market. In addition, you can easily put your company’s logo into this package box with some simple steps.



19, Packaging Box Mockup 79:

In this mockup, your customers will find fascination at the sight of a bubble. We can assure that these colorful bubble patterns bring to your target audience in the realm of graphic design. In addition, the texture of this packaging box is different from most of other packaging boxes, therefore, you can use it for not only your products but also your birthday gifts.


20, Packaging Box Bundle Mock-Ups:

Are you in two minds about choosing a suitable packing box mockup for your products? Do you want to every product has its own appearance? For these reasons, we provide “ Packaging Bundle Mockup” to solve your problem. This collection includes 9 packaging box mockups in different styles, colors, patterns, and textures. This gives you the opportunity to choose a style that matches perfectly with your products and customers’ demand. More convenient, more economical.


One of nine beautiful packaging box mockup


21, Multipurpose Product Packaging Mockup:

Keeping taking full advantage of our strength, we take the opportunity to introduce you our proud mockup. We consider the usefulness and convenience as our top priorities. There is no limit to its size or shapes. You can use this package mockup for box, bottle,… Therefore, we highly recommend you use this design for your products which are on the same set or combo.


22. Square Package Box Mockups



23. Candle and Package Box Mockups