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01_Art-Wall-Mockups-Interior-Work-Desk 03_Art-Wall-Mockups-Interior-Work-Desk 05_Art-Wall-Mockups-Interior-Work-Desk 06_Art-Wall-Mockups-Interior-Work-Desk 07_Art-Wall-Mockups-Interior-Work-Desk 08_Art-Wall-Mockups-Interior-Work-Desk 10_Art-Wall-Mockups-Interior-Work-Desk 11_Art-Wall-Mockups-Interior-Work-Desk

Art Wall Mockups – Interior Work Desk

Use it for header images, Etsy presentations, Product mockups, Poster frame presentations, Environment designs etc.


  • With smart objects, easy to paste your design
  • High resolution 3000×2000 pixel
  • Movable object and hideable object and shadows
  • Texture of canvas removeable if you want
  • Hightly artistic interior
  • Easy to change background texture

Set Includes

  • 4 Frame types (White, Grey, Light Wood, Black – All frame have both standing and hanging shadows, and they also have hanging threads you prefer this)
  • 4 Passepartout types (All posters uses photoshop with smart object)

All Poster Frames

  • 50×70cm-Thin (No passepartout)
  • 30×40 cm – Thin (No passepartout)
  • 38×38 cm -Thin (No passepartout)
  • 50×70cm-Thin (Large passepartout)
  • 30×40 cm – Thin (Large passepartout)
  • 38×38 cm -Thin (Large passepartout)
  • 30×40 cm – Thin (Large passepartout)
  • 38×38 cm -Thin (Large passepartout)
  • 50×70cm-Thick (Large passepartout)
  • 30×40 cm – Thick (Large passepartout)
  • 38×38 cm -Thick (Large passepartout)
  • 50×70cm-Extra thick (Large passepartout)
  • 30×40 cm – Extra thick (Large passepartout)
  • 38×38 cm -Extra thick (Large passepartout)

All Canvas Sizes

  • For SINGLE type, buyers can perform artworks with the following sizes: 60(W) x 90(H) cm – 160(W) x 90(H) cm – 130(W) x 90(H) cm – 100(W) x 80(H) cm
  • For SPLIT artworks, buyers can perform them with the following sizes: 2×60(W) x 90(H) cm – 3×20(W) x 60(H) cm – 4×40(W) x 30(H) cm – 4×30(W) x 30(H) cm


Split artworks are made flexibly, you can customize, arrange and move artworks so that you feel they suit the available picture frames. For example, Split 4×30(w)x30(H) can be changed into the size 2×30(w) x30(h) and put horizontally or vertically,…


  • 03 Advanced Photographic filters
  • 6 Trees
  • 4 Lamps
  • 10 Interior work desk
  • 8 Background textures includes
  • 8 Floor Backgrounds