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This artwork is the reflection on eteranal theme of rebirth and blosssoming. In a symbolic way, it’s purpose is to show the feminine fruitful powers and its sensual side that is associated with maternity and prosperity. We took a more classic example of Sakura blossom and used with more Western view on women’s body image (reflected numerously in painting art and sculpture, ex.Boticelli) to unite the two big philosophies in a general view on timeless and eternal beauty. Flowers are fragile, mysterious, and are always associated with beauty. So this story is an ode to women, their powers, and strengths

Chinese-Porcelain1 Chinese-Porcelain12 Chinese-Porcelain11 Chinese-Porcelain10 Chinese-Porcelain9 Chinese-Porcelain8 Chinese-Porcelain6 Chinese-Porcelain5 Chinese-Porcelain4 Chinese-Porcelain3 Chinese-Porcelain2

Via: behance.net/AliceBERG