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The colours used in Valentine’s Day cards have changed a lot over the years. These colour palettes reveal just how much they’ve evolved…

Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you know that Valentine’s Day cards first became popular in the 19th century? However it wasn’t until 1915 that the Hall Brothers Company – now known as Hallmark – started printing Valentine cards.

After years of quite dark Valentine cards, in the 1950s things became brighter and more light-hearted

While the message has remained broadly the same over the years, the colour palette has evolved greatly. Red, of course, has broadly remained a constant – except for some reason in the crazy 1970s – but it’s amazing to see just how all over the place the rest of the palette has been.

The 1960s palette manages to be both very dark and yet incredibly vibrant, just like the decade itself

Brandisty has sifted through a century of Hallmark Valentine’s Day card and put together a collection of palettes for each decade, and it’s a fascinating study. The varying colours themselves are really interesting, but we’ve also enjoyed seeing how the overall tone of the cards has changed over the years. Those 1920s cards were hilariously dark and disturbing.

The 1990s! Grunge! Kurt! The 1990s palette is understandably muted and withdrawn

You can see the full collection of palettes over at the Brandisty blog, and if you like what you see you can download each one as an .ASE swatch, ready for importing into Adobe Creative Suite.

And here we are in the 2010s. That’s more like it. What were we thinking before. Tsk; the past, eh?

Words: Jim McCauley

Source: http://www.creativebloq.com/graphic-design/discover-changing-colour-palettes-valentines-day-21410707