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Dynamic identity for bakery and brewery



Sung-Hi Leem studied at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund, Germany. During her studies, she completed two internships. The focus of nowakteufelknyrim in Düsseldorf, is in the multi-disciplined range of exhibition design, signage and orientation systems, and communication design. Fuenfwerken in Wiesbaden work in the area of corporate design and branding. After graduating, Sung-Hi Leem worked for various agencies with a focus on corporate design and communication in space.


The fictional company “Helldunke”, combines a traditional bakery offering micro-brewed beers as a way to experience the diversity and taste of the region. During the mill production, the regionally harvested grain is freshly milled or processed into malt. The unfiltered, natural beers are complimented by gently kneaded and wholesome breads baked with careful craftsmanship, conveying a passion for quality.
Communication Objective
The various elements of the identity provide a visual language with great flexibility, and strengthens the differentiation from its competitors. The elements are composed as variables, yet based on a common basic geometric triangle. This principle was inspired by the company’s philosophy; creating exciting and original recipes from simple and high-quality ingredients, through traditional preparation methods. Materials such as wood and stoneware were used to create authenticity, linking tradition to a modern and innovative spirit.

Tools used

The dynamic logo, all geometric patterns, icons and the custom-made corporate typeface were designed in Adobe Illustrator. The print data for the laser engraving of different media was also created in Adobe Illustrator. The letterheads, business cards and menu were created in Adobe Indesign. The images were edited with Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Tools

Acrobat XI Pro
Illustrator CC
InDesign® CC
Photoshop CC