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New 3D Retro Creator

Pastel color schemes are the perfect versatile option if your design project requires a little sophistication and gentle warmth. It will never overwhelm the design, only ever compliment. As you can see by this week’s free file, an amazing 3D Retro Typography Creator for Photoshop, pastel color schemes work well with all styles of design.



Duotone Photoshop Action

Traditionally popular in print, the vibrant duotone color effect has found its way onto the web in a big way recently, and we love it! The simple, yet high impact effect is created by superimposing a contrasting color over another. With just a single click of your mouse, you can quickly add this striking effect to your own images with the Duotone Photoshop Action Set.



Alto – Modern Email Template + Builder 2.0

When it comes to visual design, color is such a simple, yet highly influential tool. It has the power to demand our full attention while subtly guiding our emotions. Take the beautiful Alto Newsletter Template as an example. A bold red is used sparingly throughout the newsletter layout, yet still manages to direct and completely control our focus.



Heli – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Color is how we view the world, but when absent, our senses are somewhat heightened and will force us to concentrate harder on our new monochrome surroundings. This is why black and white web layouts, like the Creative WordPress Theme Heli, are so effective. Viewers are much more focused and will spend longer interacting with your black and white page.



Android Material UI Template 1.4

The Material Design color schemes have been designed to work intimately with each other. Beginning with a primary color that filters out to the accent colors, Material Design gives you a ‘complete and usable palette’ for your website or mobile application. Nothing exemplifies the beauty of the Material Design color palette more than this stunning Android Material UI Template.