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Helps® needed a package redesign and a strong US launch. The primary design challenge was that in the US functional tea boxes are designed vertically. Originally, Helps® was horizontally designed. Moreover, the packaging felt pharmaceutical and foreign in the aisles of familiar functional tea brands. They needed packaging that intrigued and broke away from conventions of tea competitors –specifically Traditional Medicinals and Yogi. East Asian-inspired typeface and meditative design elements are repetitive in this category of tea.TDA_Website_Tile_HelpsTea_Packaging_Bags1 TDA_Website_Tile_HelpsTea_Packaging_bags2 TDA_Website_Tile_HelpsTea_Packaging_breathe TDA_Website_Tile_HelpsTea_Packaging_cups TDA_Website_Tile_HelpsTea_Packaging_digest TDA_Website_Tile_HelpsTea_Packaging_go TDA_Website_Tile_HelpsTea_Packaging_Live TDA_Website_Tile_HelpsTea_Packaging_rest

Via: tdaboulder.com