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Advertising is such an enormous task to do for a business organization. It is not for the easy-go-lucky people who believe one shot would make the magic. It is for the tenacious and the zealots who want to get the numbers growing.

Although the advertising department of your company may not be as big and grandiose such that of the major divisions, your job gets a significant portion of the company’s marketing budget and losing the game would mean you’d have to swallow the bitter pill.

So to avoid that you have to have a strategy that works in the real scene. Here are a few tips you might want to know as you get started.

It’s not bad to go traditional.


Many people think that traditional advertising, such as print ads and promotional gifts are out of the picture since people are more inclined to the internet. However, it’s not true.

Why so?

Traditional advertising materials don’t only mean ads in news and mags; it also includes promotional gifts such as office calendars, silicone bracelets, fridge magnets, stubby holders, pens, etc.

These promotional gift items are little but essential things that your customers’ might need. They would greatly appreciate that, because aside from getting your service or your products they are getting something extra, making them feel more value for their money and patronage to your company.

Another reason why you want promotional gifts is to create brand awareness in the most straightforward and discreet way.

Say your customers are working in an office, bringing the item with them would make other employees look at your promotional gift and if it appeals to them, they will discuss it, and they will talk about you!

Your customer can bring another potential customer because they will be talking about their experience with your products and services.

Pretty sure they won’t use, not even accept your promotional gift if they didn’t like you in the first place, so there’s a high possibility that their discussion is about how great you were as a company for them.

Aside from the fact that it can be a source of word-of-mouth promotion, print advertising can also mean sophistication. Restaurants who have personalized their materials create an effective stimulus for their customers to have better brand retention.

Apart from all that’s mentioned, print advertising is also perfect for a startup company. If you are going to have an opening of a big restaurant or establishment, reaching out to your target market via social media would be a little tricky because they don’t have any idea yet what you are.

Using digital platforms to reach your target market is indeed fast, but you still need to back it up with print ads. It may be a little unusual to see people look at newspapers, but it helps.

Giving away flyers in a nearby office can also hype things right for you because your first customers will always be the people in your vicinity. Flyers are straightforward and accessible to the reader’s eye, so if you plan to emphasize your promotion they’d get it right.

It’s not a bad idea to invest in social media for advertising for startup companies, but you have to understand that advertising in Facebook has its mechanics, like bidding (see Facebook Advertising). And to get your ad on people’s Newsfeeds you have to contend with a lot of other businesses who probably have already established their online presence ages before you.

If you are confident enough that you have enough patronage that could spark your online presence, then you can ride along with other companies online.

Harvest only what’s ripe.


It might be a little confusing for a beginner to get a fair amount of budget for advertising or if your company just doesn’t see advertising as a priority. It is challenging but at the same time, it will hone your skills.

Be resourceful. Utilize what’s available and make sure to tap on what’s sure.

For a beginner, advertising could start with good PR (Public Relations). If your company had already established a good relationship with media men, then you can tap on them. Meet them more often, treat them more often or even offer them good stuff.

You might think this is some bribery, but you’re not doing anything wrong, you are making sure that you get publicity, and it is good.

This will probably depend on how much you are willing to invest for them, but they won’t fail you in the long run. You can expect them to be there when you need it most.

If on the other hand, your company isn’t that intact with them yet, it’s never too late to start. Sow little by little, this won’t harm your business anyway, and even if it sounds unappealing to you, you’re going to harvest something when it is the season.

Media personality will cover your events make your brand appear in newspapers, television and even online. Given that they are recognized as pillars of reliable information of the society, you can gain instant access to the public’s attention. Thus, getting publicity won’t be too hard for you.

So for starters, don’t waste too much energy on things that are too ambitious. Getting online presence isn’t just all about having good content or great ads; you have to build character first with the public that’s within your reach.

Start with what’s basic, have a game plan and transition to the next phase smoothly. All the things mentioned here are ways to connect to the public that has been used for ages, although the current market may have a different attitude compared to the people before, these techniques can never go wrong.



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Earl Jonathan Tech is the founder of PrintMeister, one of the newest online companies offering printing services in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in Australia. He aspires to be a print marketing tycoon, but still writes on his free time.