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Contact Form 7 Popup Message

This week’s free file is a user-friendly Pop-up Message Addon for the popular Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin that allows you to replace, using ten pre-designed themes, the validation and success messages into subtly animated popup messages. Your site visitors will love it, so download it while you can!



Material – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

The primary goal of Google’s Material Design is to offer a visual language that creates a consistent and intuitive experience for users across all platforms and devices. Nothing exemplifies the principles of Material Design than the multi-purpose, Bootstrap-powered WordPress Theme ‘Material’.



Material Design UI Android Template App

Once you fully embrace Material Design and the consistent UI it brings to mobile applications, apps with older design styles simply look out-dated. With this Material Design Android Template, you can quickly update the UI of any existing apps you might have. Material Design can also be incorporated into iOS apps as well.Material3Download

Material WP – Material Design Dashboard Theme

The dull WordPress Dashboard has not had a visual overhaul since version 3.8, so it is well overdue a redesign. With the WordPress Material Design Dashboard Plugin, you can bring Google’s beautiful aesthetic to your WordPress Admin pages. Who said that Material Design is only reserved for frontend users?


Getting to Know Material Design

There’s so much more to Material Design than consistency and beauty. It introduced a revolutionary new perspective on UI, motion, and interaction design. In Getting to Know Material Design, you’ll learn the proper definition of Material Design, its properties, and how you can use Material in your projects.