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Meaningful Marketing by Marcelo Tripoli

Meaningful Marketing

Meaningful Marketing is a book written by Marcelo Tripoli giving thoughts and telling stories of brand experience in the actual world with the influence of the digital age and social medias. Tripoli is a renowned Advertiser in Brazil and partner and Chief Creative Director at REF+T, a local advertising agency.

Invited by Marcelo directly, I was responsible to concept and design direct the cover of the book and the cover for the book’s chapters. As the book talks about the relationship of consumer with brands nowadays, I translated that concept into the idea of cartoon characters, then was born “Brandy”, the elephant who represent big, slow and awkward corporations trying to get close and participate on the consumers life more and more, here represented by a young boy who showing the correlation with the new behaviors of the new age of consumerism and how they react to marketing efforts.

The illustrations were conceived in CGI by the talented 3D artist and Director André Holzmeister and finalized with color adjust and retouching by me working for House of Colors.