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Restaurant/ Fast Food Outlet Mockups

Restaurant Fast Food Outlet Mockups

Welcome to your complete package for high quality, artistic and professional restaurant or fast food chain mockups. Being able to visualize your design and present it in a creative and effective way is integral for establishing a strong brand identity. Thesehigh resolution PSD mockup files make it easier than ever to create stunning interior floor plans and realistic exterior views, including 3D logo simulation, for original and unforgettable branding concepts.

What really sets these apart is that they give you complete creative freedom when it comes to presenting and editing your branding concept. The PSD mockup files are fully layered and use Smart Objects, so inserting your design is quick and effortless, and every object is editable. Simply create your design, paste it into the smart object, and admire the results! The 3D floor plan is fully customizable, to realistically reflect your space, and you can change the color of every object in the file. This means that you can present several different options to clients, without lots of extra work, and can easily make tweaks and changes based on their feedback.

You can even include details such as presentation artwork on the walls, and can choose to populate your scene with staff. These extra touches help to bring your design concept to life and reflect the character of the restaurant or food outlet, which is invaluable when it comes to unique branding and marketing. Adjustable shading and shadows give your 3D mockup even more of a solid and physical quality, adding to the realism of your interior.

This is the ultimate way to present your artwork in an authentic and beautifully realized space, and to get a great reaction!


  • Smart Objects – quick and easy to paste your design
  • 3D Customizable floor plan
  • 16 Pre made psd file
  • Fully layered, for easy editing
  • High resolution 3000×2250 pixels
  • Views are connected in space view 1 to 16
  • 4 Advanced photographic filters
  • 3D Logo simulation
  • Highly artistic interior
  • Presentation artwork on the walls
  • Includes optional staff