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Hey guys! As you know, Startup Framework was finally released on Monday and we are glad that the release phase was a success. We really appreciate your feedback on our product, as it helps us make it better! If you still haven’t seen the presentation, make sure you watch it.


The work on the presentation wasn’t easy, but was an interesting process. What you see on the website is the third version of the design. We did the design for the presentation several times, then threw it away and started all over. But it was interesting and in the process of working on new versions we learnt lots of new things for ourselves.

We have shot a lot of the photos on the promo blocks, organizing a small studio at home. We laid around some white sheets of paper on the floor and placed the photo objects on them. We also used a Canon 5D Mark III camera with a EF 24-70mm f/2.8L lense and a tripod. After having shot the photos, we separated the objects from the shadow and placed them on a new background using Multiply blending option.

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We thought it would be a good idea to give people thePSD file with the presentation. A lot of designers would be interested in looking at the source and maybe find something new for themselves, also find out what the presentation inside looks like. Make sure to share this PSD with your friends. We’ll really appreciate it!


via: http://designmodo.com/