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AcF – Animated Contact Form

Designed with a Material Design color scheme, AcF is a PHP script for adding interactive animation effects to complex web forms. The forms and animation work seamlessly on both desktops and mobile devices.



Animatic – Advanced WordPress Frontend Animator

From header images to presenting complex data, animated illustrations have always been popular in web design. But, have always been notoriously difficult to create. With the Animatic WordPress Plugin, that’s all about to change. You can create layered animations composed of multiple images via a drag-and-drop interface all within the WordPress backend.



City Guide – Map App for Android

When it comes to mobile applications, animation is no longer just an optional extra. Mobile users don’t just expect it; they rely on it. Google’s Material Design places lots of focus on the user experience of motion, and the City Guide Android Template fully embraces all of those principles so that you can build an app that tourists will truly love to use.



Conall – A Clean & Beautiful Multipurpose Theme

While small, subtle animation can improve the user experience of a website, too much can make that experience frustrating. The beautifully designed Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Conall offers the best of both worlds by giving you total control over which web elements you choose to animate. Just remember that less is always more when it comes to animation.



Image Hover CSS LIbrary

The Image Hover CSS Library is a lovingly crafted framework that allows you to implement scaleable and lightweight image hover effects. Each image effect uses the same basic markup allowing you to change effect by simply editing the containing class.



MARK04-Powerpoint Template

Packaged with over 250 slides and a huge selection of animations and transitions, nothing can revive a dull presentation faster than the animated MARK04 Powerpoint Template!



Ashoka – Responsive Minimal Multipurpose HTML Theme

Built with Bootstrap 3.1, Ashoka Multipurpose Template has been created to help you create a website fast and easily! Includes an Instagram feed, parallax effects and a full screen video background. Only available until the end of May!


Zombie – Animated 404 Page

Animation on the web is not all about UX; sometimes you just want to have some fun with it. So, would you consider an Animated Zombie 404 Page on your site?