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The bespoke font trend is spreading.

With the way things are going, we won’t see much of Helvetica, once the world’s favorite font, anymore.

There was a time, only a few years ago, where you’d be hard pressed to go an hour without bumping into it. Used as Apple’s system font on iOS and Mac OS (formerly OS X) until 2015, and the default font for much of the web and world of design in general, it was, for a long time, simply unavoidable.

But such use of a font that, if we’re honest, lacked any overly noticeable characteristics, meant that companies using it were missing an opportunity to make an actual impression.

Add to that the fact that those companies, in some cases, were paying millions of dollars a year to license it, and that it didn’t render particularly well on mobile devices, and it seems the fate of Helvetica was sealed.

But rather than just selecting something from the pile of other standard fonts, lately, brands have been purpose building their own. 

And so has begun the rise of the bespoke font.

Via: (Envato)