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Do you look for the beautiful Christmas template for your new marketing campaign’s flyer or something else in this coming Christmas season? Don’t worry about it, in this article today, we will show you our most beautiful and excellent templates contributed to this Christmas.

The winter is coming, Christmas season is around the corner. This is the most beautiful time that people will hit the store and buy gifts for their family and friends. In parallel with it, all companies put their focus on launching a new marketing campaign for this warmest season in the year. They will boost the promotion, offer the discount, give special gifts to their loyal customers. Especially, some companies will hold events such as year end party and invite their customers and staff to come and show their appreciation for the trust they receive in the past whole year.

The question is how to make your event or your campaign stand out in many competitive campaigns in the market. Why not try out our Christmas template for your flyer or invitation cards? We ensure that they will satisfy your need. In addition, our Christmas templates will attract your customers’ attention and make them choose your brand.

1, Office Holiday Party – Flyer Template:

When it comes to planning to hold a wonderful year end party for your company, you surely have to deal with many kinds of stuff. If you are worried about how to have a beautiful, as does not time consuming invitation cards, you will not miss our template. With a relatively low price, you can own this pretty card and change something into what you like with some clicks via smart object. In addition, we also offer 4 colors to make your party more colorful, more vivid. Especially, this template enables you to take the opportunity to customize your invitation cards by A4 landscape and portrait. Therefore, let us help you have a happy ending for a productive year and staffs’ contribution.



2, Holiday Party Flyer Template :

What do you do to celebrate a year which will end with fun and joy? If you receive a beautiful flyer inviting you to the company’s party, will you come and enjoy it? The answer is ” Why not ?”. Colorful appearance and perfectly stylized patterns are the strengths of this template. When you choose our template for your coming year end party, you will never regret this decision. It owns all factors to attract the clients to come and make your party complete.



3, Holiday Party Flyer Template 02:

Let make your holiday party flyer more special. By using the bright and cute colors, we wish to bring a feeling of warmness in this season. In addition, we want to offer you the opportunity to choose the best suit for your event. Furthermore, the inclusion of many Christmas symbols will make the template vivid. In this template, you are absolutely entitled to change or apply the new design to have a perfect flyer.


4, Holiday Sale/ Web Banner Vol 1:

Like we mentioned before, the Christmas holiday is the high season for all companies to boost their sales. For this reason, many of crazy sales are coming to serve the clients. It is such a strict competition between a company and their components. Therefore, let us take a pleasure to help you take a lead in this hard battle. Our temple is simple, minimalist and compelling enough to bear in the customers’ mind and motivates them to join your holiday sale. Of course, you are entitled to make any change to make a perfect banner for your own company’s campaign.



5, Christmas Party – Flyer Template 01:

Another beautiful template is in your hand. In this design, we use the Christmas ornament as the background, so you have the freedom to do your own design and apply it to it. In addition, we also offer many colors that remind the customers the atmosphere of the coming winter and Christmas. If you want your flyers more diversified, we will have two styles to satisfy your needs. For these reasons, we are confident that the customers will pick your event or party as the first choice in a selection of different options. In parallel with this feature, this template can be suitable for the Christmas postcards. You can send them to your beloved ones and wish them to have a happy Christmas holiday.



Christmas Party Flyer Template


Christmas Postcard Template


6, Christmas Party – Flyer Template 02:

Another template comes to satisfy your demand. It can be described as trendy, as does clean, flat and minimalist design. By using the decisive color of Christmas season, we want to bring this seasoning atmosphere in all corners. Furthermore, in this template, we have some cute Christmas features such a snowman, snowflakes,…Please note that the headline “ Merry Christmas” is not editable. However, you still are able to change other objects into what you like and suit your own business.



7, Christmas Party – Flyer Template 03:

In an elegant way, this template will make your company’s flyers more luxurious and professional. The good combination of excellent typography and colors reflects the attempts and respect which company wants to give their customers. In parallel with it, this template is not exceptional, you can have the right to edit it, put the brand name and detailed information into it. With 5 variants colors, you will surely have the most suitable and best flyers that make people not miss your Christmas party.



8, Christmas Party – Flyer Template 04:

How can you refuse a promisingly fun party when you receive such a flawless flyer like this? This template comes with well – organized design and creative font promise a professional and luxurious appearance. In A4 size, you totally have enough space to provide your customers with the helpful information for inviting them to come to your party. In addition, it is easily editable and you can add your image at each one of the smart objects.



9, Christmas Party – Flyer Template 05:

Professionality and high fashion are the words can be used to describe this template. It comes in three colors: blue, green and gray so you can choose which you like the most. We want to ensure that whatever color comes to your choice, it will attract the customers’ attention. In A4 paper size and our great design, you should put the information logically and insert any objects into it to make an ideal flyer. If you get bored with old fashion flyers, try our template and you will see the differences.


10, Christmas Party – Flyer Template 06:

With this template, you will find it amazing and beautiful. We do not use any gaudy colors or complex patterns, the simplicity is our priority instead. However simple it is, this template still contains the symbols of Christmas holiday such as Christmas tree, ornaments, reindeer, and snowflakes. Like other templates in this list, you will have five colors to choose which is the most suitable. Of course, you can edit it, easily place your images then you are ready to go.



11, Christmas Party – Flyer Template 07:

If you still do not find any templates suitable for your need, let take this into consider. It uses the soothing colors, freestyle font, and creative background. With above-mentioned features, it is an ideal choice if you are looking for a compact and distinctive template for your flyers in this holiday season. We want to affirm that this template will make your flyers outstanding and appeal your customer read more.



12, Christmas Party – Flyer Template 08:

With a perfect fit size and extremely natural look, this template comes to guarantee a good impression of your clients. We offer three colors and excellent font which will bring a surprising result for your own company’s event/ party. In parallel with these features, when you buy our template, you will have the chance to change the font into your favorite, place the suitable objects and even do your design then apply it. Why do we have to give your customer the boring flyers instead of the wonderful ones? Just go ahead and have the interesting flyers.


13, Christmas Party Flyer and Invitation Template:

Welcome to our first eye-catching and compelling Christmas template. With this design, you can use for both flyers and invitation cards. This template has a great focus on typography and beautiful storytelling. In addition, it is designed to a suitable size that is large enough to put your detailed information about your event. Especially, we offer two colors – orange and black- for you to choose which is your favorite. Of course, when you buy this template, you have the power to edit and make it more perfect and beautiful. Do not hesitate to go ahead and win customer’s business.


14, Christmas Party Flyer and Invitation Template 02:

Like its name, this template is suitable for both flyers and invitations in this coming Christmas. With the well – organized design along with the warm colors, it deserves to receive the recognition from the customers and public. Moreover, each kind of design has a standard texture so you do not have to worry about their size or space for your information. You also have the right to edit this template to turn it into a one-of-a-kind flyers and invitation which the customer will be impressed most in this holiday season.


Do not hesitate to pick the best template for your holiday party and event in this Christmas. Let the customers choose your party as the place they spend the wonderful time with their family and enjoy this warm atmosphere.