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Tuna Fish is a film production company from Belgrade. Idea for this visual identity was to be expressive, artistic and as detached from formal corporate identity as possible. On one hand, the identity is very simple and communicative. On the other hand, it leaves a lot of room for a variety of interpretations and potential applications – printed, animated and digital.

Tuna-Fish-identity-by-Metaklinika-02 Tuna-Fish-identity-by-Metaklinika-03 Tuna-Fish-identity-by-Metaklinika-04 Tuna-Fish-identity-by-Metaklinika-05 Tuna-Fish-identity-by-Metaklinika-06 Tuna-Fish-identity-by-Metaklinika-07 Tuna-Fish-identity-by-Metaklinika-08 Tuna-Fish-identity-by-Metaklinika-09

Via: metaklinika.com