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Typattern / Homage to Typeface

The following project was created with the intention to pay homage to the ten historical fonts that I love and who have, in one way or another, had a significant role in the history of typography. For each poster I created a geometric, simply and dynamic pattern, with colors that refer to the country of origin of the typeface. Each poster is therefore composed of the name of the character and a short caption that tells its own story, all obviously made ​​with the font reference.

Typattern-Homage1 Typattern-Homage2 Typattern-Homage3 Typattern-Homage4 Typattern-Homage5 Typattern-Homage6 Typattern-Homage7 Typattern-Homage8 Typattern-Homage9 Typattern-Homage10 Typattern-Homage11 Typattern-Homage12 Typattern-Homage13 Typattern-Homage14 Typattern-Homage15 Typattern-Homage16