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Elegance. This is the main concept we use in Visual Identity – Logo and line and sparkling wines – Vineyards for Capoani. We translate a refined and with refined colors, the characteristics of a family business that has an old dream into reality. Sparkling Brut and Nature and the varietals Merlot, Tannat, Merlot / Tannat and Gamay received a beautiful and elegant drap.

Vinhedos-Capoani-branding Vinhedos-Capoani-branding03 Vinhedos-Capoani-branding04 Vinhedos-Capoani-branding05 Vinhedos-Capoani-branding06 Vinhedos-Capoani-branding07 Vinhedos-Capoani-branding08 Vinhedos-Capoani-branding09 Vinhedos-Capoani-branding10 Vinhedos-Capoani-branding11 Vinhedos-Capoani-branding12 Vinhedos-Capoani-branding13

Via: dharmacomunicacao.com.br