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Moscow factory of processed cheese KARAT and Depot WPF branding agency have presented the second bold project within the rebranding of the company — the redesign of Violette cream cheese.

The first co-project of KARAT and Depot WPF revealed to the general public was the essential redesign of the classic processed cheese product line — there’s still an ongoing debate on the new packaging design of “Druzhba”, “Volna” and “Yantar”.

Violette product line is the “youngest” in KARAT’s brand portfolio. Until now, 5 flavors of cream cheese were produced under the brand — creamy, with greens, with cucumbers and greens, with shrimps and chocolate. As a part of redesign two more SKU are being launched — with tomatoes and with mushrooms.


Pack_before_after violette_rebranding1 violette_rebranding2 violette_rebranding3 violette_rebranding5 violette_rebranding6 violette_rebranding7 violette_rebranding9 violette_rebranding10 Via: depotwpf.com