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G8LED has taken the league over other LED grow lights for indoor growing. It’s not just the market but the entire city of Washington, DC, going crazy in the love of this LED grow light. Ever since Washington’s law enforcement of making Marijuana legal, every other individual is setting up an indoor garden with LED lighting to grow their own medical plants.

G8LED is leading distributors of LED grow lights, helping commercial and small scale indoor growers achieve success with their indoor growing requirements. Various magazines are featuring G8LED under title of “phenomenal product bringing revolutions to indoor growing” stamped with high praise reviews of customers using the technology.

We all know why LED technology has ignited the urge of every other individual to start growing indoors-the technology has significances which other traditional light sources could not offer. But what makes G8LED dominant is our question? Well, before getting on to that, for those who want to follow this trend of urbanization and want to know LEDs-here are key features for LED grow light technology:

Key Features of LED Grow Lights

LEDs have many significant advantages over traditional grow lights such as florescent, metal halide, incandescent, and HID bulbs. The major advantage is low power consumption while still providing strong bright light. While, the light spectrum an also be controlled for an optimized photosynthesis of the plant. Some are:

  • No Expensive Accessories-With LEDs you need no ballasts, reflectors, fans, or heat removal systems-because LEDs eliminate the need of these extra accessories.
  • Low Heat– LEDs emit a very small amount of the energy consumed as heat, which keeps them safe to touch and less warm, when operating. So, the leaves of the plant stay scorched free, and do not dry out. The temperature stays controlled and the plants stay cool.
  • Energy Saving– With LED grow lights you will see 50 to 70% decrease in electricity bill when you switch yourself from HPS or MH grow lights to LEDs.
  • Efficient Photosynthesis- Metal Halide system is 30% efficient only and 2/3 of the light produced is generally wasted as light or heat. LEDs emit only a specific wavelength of light and can readily convert light into energy for successful vegetative and flowering process.

What Makes G8LED as the Most Demanded LED product of Washington?

G8LED is a leading supplier of LED grow light technology. G8 provides the most ideal color ratio with 8 bands of color spectrum including Infrared, Ultraviolet plus, for Veg/flower growth of the plant. G8LED is the flagship grow light for all professional indoor growers that provides intense coverage, increases the grow area per coverage, penetrates deep as 60 inches past plant canopy, and saves electricity of about 800 watts per hour.

G8LED light comes with a 2 year warranty and stellar customer service, a lifespan of 50,000 hours and 90 days money back guaranty. The grow light package comes with a power cord and hanging wires and you will need no other accessory.G8LED has various types of grow lights for specific stages of growth and with their specific key features, these include:

  • G8-900 Watt- Full Spectrum G8LED Veg/Flower
  • G8-600 Watt- Full Spectrum G8LED Veg/Flower
  • G8-450 Watt- Full Spectrum G8LED Bloom Only
  • G8-450 Watt- Full Spectrum G8LED Veg/Flower
  • G8-200 Watt- Full Spectrum G8LED Veg/Flower
  • G8-200 Watt- Full Spectrum G8LED Bloom Only
  • 90 Watt LED all RED G8 Flowering Boost

You can learn more about the G8LED grow light and find out for yourself why the company has been recognized for their achievements. Once you through the reviews and go and get yourself a G8 grow light. You can always ask the staff to guide you with the choice of G8 grow light and let your indoor garden give you healthy and fresh harvest!