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First up is a big collection of WordPress themes for portfolios, blogs, and more! Below you’ll find a variety of styles, from single pages to creative styles to beautifully designed minimal themes. Take each theme and its variations for a spin with live previews to get a feel for what you can expect should you purchase the design.

Lydia works fantastically as a combination portfolio and blog. Focusing on big images in a responsive and highly customizable layout, Lydia makes great use of WordPress portfolio features as well as interactive social media sections (such as an Instagram feed).


Boden is a clean, modern layout perfect for displaying your work without too many frills or fuss.


A fantastic portfolio theme with customization options like the way images are shaped in the portfolio and more!


Nobel is a minimal, image-focused theme, perfect for cutting down on the wordiness of websites and focusing entirely on the imagery of your portfolio itself.


Jarvis is a popular one-page theme filled with customization options in order to really make it your own. As a base template, it’s bold and stylish, perfect for content that needs to move with a variety of devices and make your work pop.


Expression is a fun, responsive portfolio theme that focuses on showcasing your work in a variety of customizable designs that include a variety of color themes, backgrounds, and more.


Visia is a responsive, one-page theme perfect for showcasing projects, services, and more for your own design business or a partnership with others.


Daisho is a fun and flexible theme whose portfolio settings tile together in a dynamic layout and allow for beautifully designed pages or blogs.


Studiofolio comes equipped with dynamic sliders and responsive image galleries that give viewers an additional kick of information when running through your portfolio.


Hazel is a huge, multi-concept theme that allows you to choose from several layout designs for your portfolio, blog, and services pages. From full-screen image pages to a gridded portfolio with a navigation bar, you can customize this theme in so many ways to really make your work shine.


Fluxus is a dynamic but minimal theme focused on presenting your work and keeping menus and information small and less of a distraction than most themes out there. Choose from a variety of layouts and features to make this theme your own.


Alpha truly shines with its custom-built slider that showcases your work first and additional information (such as project details) second. You can choose from a small variety of customizations that combine into a variety of styles.


Story is a creative WordPress theme with several styles ready for customization from image-focused to blog content-focused. Beautiful, full-screen vertical sliders keep visitors to your website engaged with current projects and information while a horizontal, minimal navigation bar gives them more.


WowWay is a dynamic portfolio theme with a responsive navigation bar that allows visitors to focus on your work or focus on getting more information as they see fit. Smooth animations allow viewers to jump from project to project, from lightbox to lightbox, with extra content built into the design, telling a project’s story one at a time.


KON/CEPT is a minimal design theme whose focus is entirely on showcasing your work and only giving more information if a viewer engages with the layout and images.


Lobo begins with a beautiful loading animation that leads visitors into a modular layout whose contents are up to you. From a sticky header to its page and portfolio settings, Lobo shines at showing off your creative endeavors.


Border is true to its name with a bold border around all contents, giving your work a beautiful frame, no matter the page. From its first page to its portfolio to its blog, Border is reminiscent of a well-designed magazine, perfect for combining artwork and blog content on a single domain.


Corsa is a creative one-page theme perfect for project-heavy content or small design teams. Fantastically customizable, Corsa is a theme that adapts to all of your website needs, from portfolio to business to interactive blog content.


Skylab has several design styles, each focused on showcasing your work and engaging visitors to your site in an elegant, professional manner.


Oyster allows you to choose from a light or dark theme to showcase your work in a variety of gallery and portfolio styles. I’m especially fond of how well the grid style gallery and blog look when part of the same website. Really, all of the style choices complement each other perfectly.


Cartel is a simple theme with bold headers, a masonry-style gallery, and modern image customization options. Take it for a spin below.


If the image-focused themes above aren’t your cup of tea, PhotoPro should have what you crave for your portfolio with animated portfolios, minimal design features, and multiple skin settings to showcase your work in its best light while allowing visitors to interact with your work.


Bow boasts a clean and modern feel and delivers expertly. I’m partial to its blog style which carries over the modular image theme, showcasing each post as though you’re still viewing the portfolio or gallery portions of the theme.


Capri is right: huge titles are trendy. Moreover, they’re eye-catching and bold, working fantastically with design work that may be more minimal and need something to shout for it. With 12 styles to choose from to get started and nearly unlimited possibilities through customizable options, this theme is excellent.


Cabin is a vintage-inspired theme with several design styles from which to choose. Along with the usual bells and whistles, a visual composer is included, which can be fantastically helpful for those who want to stick to graphics and not worry about code.


Enar is a huge mix of theme styles in one. Choose from something that’s image-focused, blog-focused, shop-focused, and more. With such versatility built into the theme, it’d be easy to change up your site often or offer a different experience on multiple pages or a subdomain.


Next we have a small collection of website templates to show off your work and bridge the gap between your portfolio and potential clients. Take each theme and its variations for a spin with live previews to get a feel for what you can expect should you purchase the design.

Newave is a one-page site template that’s modern and elegant. I think it’s the perfect answer to similarly styled WordPress themes for anyone who wants to stick with a full website versus a blog theme for their portfolio and other pages.


Avoc offers a minimal and modern touch to website and portfolio design. With bold headers and responsive features, this template may not be for everyone, but works brilliantly for those who need something with an edge to complement their work.


Wolverine is a multipurpose theme with over a dozen demo styles to choose from, customize, and implement when creating your own fantastically designed site. With clean layouts, it places the focus on your content and artwork rather than flashy animations.


Sreative is a creative template perfect for project-heavy portfolios or group efforts (such as a small agency). What caught my eye most about this theme was its focus on bold, bright colors that are easily customizable. Imagine putting your brand’s color themes front and center, unifying your work and content and making a bold statement to clients and visitors.


Wave shines with its unique animations and scrolling style, bringing your work front and center to visitors. If you’re up for a site design that includes the bells and whistles, Wave hits the spot in a beautiful way without being overdone.