German artist Sarah Illenberger is back with a great new series called “Wonderplants”.

“I wanted to make a project using only the resources that were available, so plants, plus stickers and tape I found in local stationery and hardware stores, were my first choice.” — Sarah Illenberger


art-wonderplants-07-692x1000-psdmockups-net art-wonderplants-06-692x1000-psdmockups-net art-wonderplants-05-692x1000-psdmockups-net art-wonderplants-04-692x1000-psdmockups-net art-wonderplants-03-692x1000-psdmockups-net art-wonderplants-02-692x1000-psdmockups-net art-wonderplants-01-692x1000-psdmockups-net